Example H3 Embed Code Demo Site

This page is static HTML with minimal styling to demonstrate how simple it is to automate a basic, manually updated kennel page with hashrego.com embedded panels. You can click the panel title to go to the advanced customization examples page for that panel.

Next Event Panel

The Next Event panel will show the next event for your kennel, based on the event start time and event type(optional). You set your page up once, create and update your events on hashrego, and it will always show the current details for your 'next' upcoming event or trail.

Specific Event Panel

The specific Event panel will show information for a single event. This is a good choice for multi-day events, as the event information will update but the event shown will not change.

Upcoming Events List

The Upcoming Event List panel will show a list of future events for your kennel, and can be set to only show certain event types(optional). It will only show events with a Public visibility setting.