Next Event Panel

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This page is static HTML with minimal styling to demonstrate how simple it is to automate a basic, manually updated kennel page with embedded panels.

Next Event Panel(defaults)

The Next Event panel will show the next event for your kennel, based on the event start time and event type(optional). You set your page up once, create and update your events on hashrego, and it will always show the current details for your 'next' upcoming event or trail. The default shows all event types, and is what you see below.

Next Trail Panel(customized)

This version uses the type=trail argument to only show the next Trail.

It also has custom color options set. You can use common color names(red, blue, etc) or hexadecimal color codes(000000-FFFFFF) without the leading #.

At the moment the Next Event panel only has the 'large'(default) style available. More styles are coming soon.